alfonso-torculo-wAlfonso Crujera (born Sevilla 1951, has lived in Gran Canaria island since 1968) is the co-founder of a number of art groups and initiatives. A highly versatile artist who has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions, he works in a range of media including painting, engraving, sculpture, video, performance and also as a curator. He learnt to etch with the master Felix Juan Bordes in 1976. Since 1998 to 2009 he has taught intaglio printmaking at Luján Pérez Art School in Grand Canary Island, Spain.

His first contact with electro-etching was in 2001 at the Ateljé Larsen in Helsingborg, Sweden. Since that time he has worked with and extensively researched all aspects of the electro-etching processes. He has written a number of articles about electro-etching and galvanography for specialised magazines: Grabado y Edición (Spain), Xilyon (Argentina), and published a handbook about this technique in Spanish:
Manual del Grabado Electrolítico in 2008. This book Electro-etching Handbook. A safe, non-toxic approach was published in English in 2013.

He lectures and delivers workshops at conferences, art schools and universities. Under his direction, several electrolytic etching units have been installed in workshops in Spain and Mexico, where he has given courses on etching with electricity. He collaborates regularly with other Spanish printmakers - including Eva Figueras, Kako Castro and Paco Mora - who have an interest in non-toxic etching.

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