Enrique Dufoo - 2016 - Mexico

Enrique Dufoo’s arrival at my workshop brought back vivid memories of my visit to his country, Mexico. Its artists, landscapes, colors and the different and delicious flavors of its kitchens just name a few of the highlights that have left a deep and lasting impression on me.

Enrique Dufoo has a PhD in Art and Design and is professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, formerly known as the Academy of San Carlos. Dufoo is currently investigating low-risk and sustainable graphic processes in order to apply them in his University and in teaching in general.


This research has brought him for a six-month stay at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Sevilla and has led to his interest in the processes explored in my electro-etching workshop in Gran Canaria. Although his stay was brief -from the 16th to the 21st of May- his expertise and interest have allowed me to introduce him to a wide variety of electro etching processes.

In addition to learning how to set up an electro-etching unit, he worked on copperplate line and open-bite electrotint (which eliminates the need for rosin or asphalt, two quite toxic products, to obtain tones); etching with graphite varnish and passive and semi-dry electro-etching. He also explored the possibilities of galvanizing for graphic applications; galvanized lines and galvanography.

I hope this introduction will enable him to deepen his skill in these techniques on his own.

Pictures from the workshop


Enrique Dufoo Speaks about his Residency

An interest for electrolytic processes and their exploration coupled with the great knowledge and experience that Alfonso Crujera has developed in the last decades have led me to his electro-etching workshop in Gran Canaria.

A great deal of information in a short time would summarize these days of intense work. The high quality and great quantity of information that Alfonso gave me will contribute to the research I am working on for the Program to Support the Self-Improvement of the Academic staff (PASPA) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico on sustainable low-risk graphic processes that can be applied to teaching, research-production and teaching innovation in the field of printmaking.

After this intense week, I see how much there is yet to experience in these processes of research-production. I thank Alfonso for the effort and dedication that he has personally given me and for further opening my view on new graphic techniques, to approaching multiple tools, strategies and methods for constructing the graphic image through electrolysis.

Thank you for sharing this great experience...

 Enrique Dufoo

From a corner of Sevilla, May 2016 

Enrique Dufoo's etchings


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