Iza Campos - 2016 - Brazil / Canada

Never before did an artist arrive with such eagerness... and with so much luggage. Both very useful for her learning, or perhaps I should say, for delving into electro-etching. Iza, with the help of her physicist husband, Tony Dolezal, had set up a small electro-etching unit based on my articles and book on this technique, supported by the exchange of emails between us. Over the past four years Iza has made good use of this unit as can be seen here from the etchings that she has sent me.

Iza y Alfonso

Iza Campos is a Brazilian-Canadian artist who works in a concentrated but relaxed style. She has continued her progress in low risk etching while staying at the residence-workshop from June 12th to July 11th, 2016.

One day I saw she took out from her luggage three pretty files. I told her it was not necessary to bring her own files because we have files for beveling the plates in the workshop. Smiling she answered, “These are my jewels.” I understood her, for her files were truly lovely, delicate and useful. Continuing with her joke I told her that those were her jewels and my study was an Ali Baba cave full of treasures for her to enjoy.    

Iza Campos reinforced her knowledge and practiced electro-etching techniques such as graphite ink resist and its various applications unknown to her or that she knew from reading my book but had not practiced. She also practiced the "semi dry" and "passive" electro-etching processes as well as galvanized lines and galvanography. She was also interested in practicing with the photosensitive plate etching and photopolymer film Puretch that she brought in her bulky luggage.

This artist has left an enduring mark in the workshop.

Iza Campos's electro-etchings made before to attend the residency


Violinist. Electro-etching on cooper plate. 15 x 23 cm. 2015                                Roots. Photopolymer film and electro-etching on copper plate. 23 x 31. 2015

Pictures from the workshop

Iza Campos Speaks about her Residency

When I was accepted to attend a 4 weeks one-on-one workshop at Alfonso Crujera's studio in San Felipe, Canary Islands, Spain, Crujera's Electro-Etching Handbook has already guided me from building an electro-etching unit, preparing plates, to experimenting with a variety of grounds and photo-polymers on copper plates. However, the experience I had during my stay at Alfonso and his wife Amparo's artistic retreat went beyond any of my expectations.

Crujera's ingenuity is present in the studio/laboratory equipment. His ingenuity guides him on troubleshooting to find alternative ways to solve etching stepbacks. And, above all, his original approaches are also expressed in his coaching skills during my one month immersion workshop in his studio.

Sincerely, this one month workshop delivered in learning experience the equivalent to an two-years specialization program. It was challenging. It was focused. It was technically advanced. A transformative experience that pushed me to a flow of creative production that offered continuity.

Iza Campos reports on her blog more comments during their stay in the workshop-residency

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Iza Campos's etchings


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Website: Lotus & Spice http://lotusandspice.com

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Iza Campos at Xanadu Gallery in the US

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