Resident Artists 2014 - 2011

Francisco Hernández-Chavarría - 2014 - Costa Rica


When I was finishing the Electro-etching handbook in the English version in 2012, I sent an email to Francisco Hernández-Chavarria (a master printmaker from Costa Rica) with a chapter I wanted to include as a result of my experiences with electro-etching aluminium plates. These experiments were performed following the instructions of his article 

Julie Upmeyer - 2014 - USA / Turkey

Julie Upmeyer, as she describes herself, is an artist and initiator based in Istanbul, Turkey.  Born in Detroit, USA she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a Ceramics Emphasis, Cum Laude, from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI, USA.  She is a young artist, already with a long career and an even longer future. …

Katarzyna Wojdyla - 2014 - Poland


Katarzyna Wojdyla (Poland) is an artist with a great training, she has studied in the Art High School in Rzeszow / Poland; at the University of Porto / Portugal; at Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, Canada. She completed her MFA at the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw / Poland. Instructor of graphic design and drawing at the Institut of Graphic Art and Visual Design, Pedagogical University of Krakow / Poland.

Don Braisby - 2014 - U.K.


The artist Don Braisby is an example of vitality and passion for experimenting with electro-etching. He has been, for some time, very interested in

electro-etching aluminium plates using a salt electrolyte in a safer way. In fact, Don contacted me via email when we were translating and preparing

the English publication of my the Electro-etching handbook, his comments encouraged me to continue researching electro-etch on aluminium plates.

Stephanie Gaumond - 2013 - USA / UK


Stephanie Gaumond (USA) is an artist with a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Denver, USA, a Master of Letters (M.Litt) in Fine Art Practice,

Printmaking in Glasgow School of Art, UK. This young artist is a skilled etcher and is very interested in non-toxic printmaking processes. She has

stayed for one week at the residence of electro-etching workshop. …

Eunkang Koh - 2013 - South Corea / USA


Eunkang Koh (Korea) received a Bachelor and Master in Fine Arts from Hong-ik University in Korea, and a Master of Fine arts from California State University in Long Beach, USA. She is a professor of printmaking and drawing at the University of Reno in Nevada, USA since 2007. During two weeks in August he was a resident at the electrolytic etching workshop.

Luvier Casali - 2013 - Paraguay / France


This second residency of artist Luvier Casali (Paraguay 1982) in the electrolytic ething workshop was the first residency with a new format – the guest artists makes an exchange with Alfonso Crujera. In exchange with lending support and assistance with Alfonso’s work - etching place and creating prints, the resident artist received the opportunity to work on his own etchings.

Liz Gartz - 2012 - Mexico / France


The printmaker, artist and teacher Liz Gartz (Mexico) was resident in the electro etching workshop from 10-20th July, 2012. An expert printmaker, she previously started etching with electricity during the course I taught in October 2009, at the Arts Center of San Agustin Etla in Oaxaca Mexico.

Liz Gartz had the opportunity to learn how to set up an electro-etching unit, as well as the theoretical basis for this safer technique. …

Lola González Naranjo - 2011 - Spain


For two weeks in August of 2011, Lola Gonzales Naranjo was the etcher in the electro-etching workshop. This time the artist did not stay at the residency, but preferred to stay in an apartment in Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas. Each morning she came to the studio, catching a guanga (a bus) to the El Pagador bus stop, from there walking along the coastal road to the studio.    

Luvier Casali - 2011 - Paraguay / France

In May 2011 Luvier Casali (Paragray 1982) was the resident artist in the workshop, learning about non-toxic etching processes. During his stay, the artist and etcher deepened and refined his knowledge of electro-etching techniques. Luvier had some previous experience with electrolytic processes, as he attended a course I taught in October of 2009 at the

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