Liz Gartz - 2012 - Mexico / France

The printmaker, artist and teacher Liz Gartz (Mexico) was resident in the electro etching workshop from 10-20th July, 2012. An expert printmaker, she previously started etching with electricity during the course I taught in October 2009, at the Arts Center of San Agustin Etla in Oaxaca Mexico.

Liz Gartz had the opportunity to learn how to set up an electro-etching unit, as well as the theoretical basis for this safer technique. She experimented with Lascaux acrylic varnishes, hard and stop-out resists, and the application of graphite ink as a resist for drawing lines and microdots for tonal effects. She also had the chance to apply the ‘sacrificial metal process’ on a zinc plate, an electrolytic process I am currently experimenting with in collaboration with the printmaker Francisco Hernandez-Chavarria of Costa Rica.

Pictures from the workshop

liz 1
liz 2

Liz Gartz Speaks about her Residency

My residence in the workshop of E-E teacher Alfonso Crujera was a very full, intenst experience, I would even say ‘vibrant’.  The space is perfectly suited to work freely, with a natural environment, the sound of the sea, and a spectacular view.

The advice and support of the teacher, along with the freedom to etch all the time allowed me to truly ‘dive in’ the creative process.

I also had the opportunity to witness the discovery of a new technique - sacrificial metal etching, which opens up truly exciting new possibilities.

Liz Gartz's etchings

© Alfonso Crujera 2014