Lola González Naranjo - 2011 - Spain

For two weeks in August of 2011, Lola Gonzales Naranjo was the etcher in the electro-etching workshop. This time the artist did not stay at the residency, but preferred to stay in an apartment in Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas. Each morning she came to the studio, catching a guanga (a bus) to the El Pagador bus stop, from there walking along the coastal road to the studio.    

Lola began electro-etching during the course I taught at the elmonodelatina workshop in Madrid the past July. At this time she was working on a series of plates as illustrations for a children’s story. She used the passive electro-etching process, which produced a very deep bite on her zinc plates She also worked with graphite ink resists. 

Pictures from the workshop

lola 2
lola 1

Lola González Naranjo Speaks about her Residency

I attended the electro-etching workshop for two weeks, coming by bus from Las Palmas, which takes 35 minutes to get to El Pagador. From there I came walking 25 minutes up the coastal road to the studio. 

I had some previous experience with electrolytic etching, as I attended the workshop that Alfonso Crujera had taught in July at the workshop elmonodelatina in Madrid, although I did not have much experience with etching.    

I practiced mostly the passive process of electro-etching and graphite ink resist. 

Lola González Naranjo's etchings

07 G E tinta grafito 007
01 G E Pasivo
01a G E Pasivo
02 G E Pasivo
02a G E Pasivo
04 G E Pasivo
04a G E Pasivo
03 G E Pasivo

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