Luvier Casali - 2011 - Paraguay / France

In May 2011 Luvier Casali (Paragray 1982) was the resident artist in the workshop, learning about non-toxic etching processes. During his stay, the artist and etcher deepened and refined his knowledge of electro-etching techniques. Luvier had some previous experience with electrolytic processes, as he attended a course I taught in October of 2009 at the Arts Center of San Agustin Etla in Oaxaca, Mexico.

During his residency, the artist learned the history of electro-etching and galvanography, the theoretical foundations of electrolysis, the basic principles and their applications in the graphic arts. He also understood the advantages of using safer printmaking process and acquired enough experience to be able to set up an electro-etching unit himself. For his work he used both copper and zinc plates. His concentration and working skills allowed him to experiment widely, and apply practically all the technical aspects of the program. He even had time to take several walks around the island. The National Fund for Culture and the Arts of Paraguay granted Luvier Casali a grant, partially covering his residency. 

Pictures from the workshop


Plate in galvanising process


Luvier Casali Speaks about his Residency

The non-toxic electro-etching workshop residency is a unique experience. The place, the workshop, the working and living conditions all together create an enriching and enabling context for the artist The experience has all the factors for the artist to devote his entire self to the creative process. The resident discovers first hand the many possibilities of this revolutionary method of etching, undoubtedly one of the most versatile contemporary practices with regard to printmaking. Alfonso Crujera creates for us a door, through which every printmaker interested in healthy etching techniques should pass through in order to understand the full breadth of what has so far been discovered, and the horizon still left unexplored. In this universe, the only concern is art. 

Luvier Casali's etchings


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