2012 F. Mapfre. La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain

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Electro-etching introductory courses at the workshop of Mapfre-Guanarteme Fundation in La Laguna, Tenerife.

20 hour course for artists and printmakers who were interested in the process of low-risk etching. 

Theory : History of electro-etching, basis of electrolysis and its application to etching and electroplating. 
Practice:    - Set up a portable tank, connection to the power supply, electrodes and cathode grid, preparation of the electrolyte
                     - Etching on copper plates using different varnishes and electrotint of open bite
                     - Application of graphite ink as a varnish to draw lines and electrotint
Pictures from the workshop and etchings

IMG_4222 People
IMG_4195 plate
IMG_4214 etching
IMG_4215 etching
IMG_4212 etching
IMG_4220 etching
IMG_4221 etching
IMG_4218 etching

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