Electro-etching Handbook, 2013

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Editorial review

In Electro-etching handbook -a safe, non-toxic approach, Alfonso Crujera takes us step by step through the practical application and processes involved in this new technique which is much healthier for printmakers and more environmentally friendly. An alternative to traditional intaglio methods with acids, rosin, and asphalt, electro-etching is simple and inexpensive. The wide range of techniques which it offers enables printmakers to develop their graphic skills.

With a preface by Friedhard Kiekeben, artist, graphic researcher and editor of Nontoxic Printmaking & Printed Art, www.nontoxicprint.com, this English edition is a revised and expanded version of the Spanish handbook, published in 2008,  with new processes that enrich the practice  of electrolytic etching.

Throughout the 206 pages of the handbook, processes, formulas and proofs are explained in step by step detail, with the help of 240 photographs, 9 data charts and a glossary of 147 entries. The manual also contains reproductions of prints by artists who have successfully exploited these new techniques.

Also available in Spanish

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