Resident Artists 2017 - 2015

Cara Seccafien - 2017 - Canada


Cara Seccafien, Canada (1991), is a graduate in Fine Arts with a specialisation in Printmaking from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. Cara is the second youngest artist who has attended the workshop of electro-etching thanks to the grant offered to young artists this year. The amount offered by the workshop organiser is relatively small, so Cara has had to apply for several grants in her country to be able to come to Gran Canaria since for a young artist like her, to travel from Canada to Gran Canaria implies an enormous economic effort. …

Laura Bollati - 2017 - Italy


Laura Bollati, Italy (1991),  holds an MA in Graphic Arts from the Albertina Art Academy, Turin,  Italy. March 2016. She started to make some experiments in her home town, in the basement, following the textbooks of Cedric Green and Alfonso Crujera. Etching with electrolysis has been the topic of her Master's  dissertation. …

Anyelmaidelin Calzadilla - 2107 - Cuba

I receive many emails from the world over asking for information about the residency program that I hold in my studio. In July 2016 I received one from a Cuban artist interested in electro-etching processes. I replied promptly, affectionately and professionally which is how I always proceed when artists request more information. …

Andrés Lacasta - 2016 - Spain

Andrés Lacasta (Zaragoza, Spain) is an artist with great experience in different media formats. In his short stay in the workshop, he has delved deeply into different electro-etching processes. His profound knowledge of etching and previous experience with electro-etching with the help of my handbook, have been an advantage in learning several new techniques.

Iza Campos - 2016 - Brazil / Canada

Never before did an artist arrive with such eagerness... and with so much luggage. Both very useful for her learning, or perhaps I should say, for delving into electro-etching. Iza, with the help of her physicist husband, Tony Dolezal, had set up a small electro-etching unit based on my articles and book on this technique, supported by the exchange of emails between us. …

Enrique Dufoo - 2016 - Mexico

Enrique Dufoo’s arrival at my workshop brought back vivid memories of my visit to his country, Mexico. Its artists, landscapes, colors and the different and delicious flavors of its kitchens just name a few of the highlights that have left a deep and lasting impression on me.

Enrique Dufoo has a PhD in Art and Design and is professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, formerly known as the Academy of San Carlos. …

Karen Cornelius - 2016 - Canada

Karen Cornelius is a Canadian artist, an accomplished printmaker and art educator. She completed the electro etching residency from April 6 to 30, 2016.

Prior to her arrival at the residency Karen had used my Electro-etching Handbook to set up a rudimentary electro etching system at the Martha Street Studio in Winnipeg, Canada.  …

Annalisa Campbell - 2015 - USA

04 El alma de Amparo

Annalisa Campbell is an American artist from Oklahoma. Three years ago, she was interested in attending our electro-etching workshop/residency, but some family issues prevented it. This year, she was able to make her dream come true, and for three weeks in July 2015, she was introduced to the electro-etching processes.

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