Eunkang Koh - 2013 - South Corea / USA

Eunkang Koh (Korea) received a Bachelor and Master in Fine Arts from Hong-ik University in Korea, and a Master of Fine arts from California State University in Long Beach, USA. She is a professor of printmaking and drawing at the University of Reno in Nevada, USA since 2007. During two weeks in August he was a resident at the electrolytic etching workshop.

Eunkang was not familiar with the electrolytic etching processes, but his experience as a master printmaker enabled him to understand and apply the electrolytic etching methods with ease. He learned the history of electrolytic etching, the theoretical foundations of electrolysis, the basic principals of electro-etching, its practical applications in the graphic arts, and the benefits of using non-toxic printmaking techniques. At the same time, fascinated by Amparo’s exotic garden plants surrounding the residency, she has created some beautiful watercolors in her traveling note-book.

Pictures from the workshop

engang 1
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Eunkang Kok Speaks about her Residency

Electro-etching workshop/residency has been a wonderful experience for me. The residency is located in a rural area of Canary Island, yet it is not far from the beautiful city, Las Palmas. The island will inspire you with amazing nature and landscape. You will learn different intaglio techniques with electro etching during the workshop and residency. I always have been interested in non-toxic printmaking approach. This is definitely a step forward in terms of non-toxic area in the printmaking.  I learned so much in a short period of time and made tons of art! Alfonso is a great teacher and host. I had a great time with Alfonso and his family and friends. Thank you so much!


전기를 이용한 동판화 워크샵과 레지던시를 통해 정말 많은것을 배웠습니다. 오래전 부터 환경친화적인 판화에 많은 관심이 많았는데, 이 레지던시를 통하여 더 많은것을 배웠습니다. 전기와 소금을 이용하여 이렇게 많은 기법의 동판을 할 수 있다는 것이 놀랍기도 합니다. 아프리카 북부에 위치한 카나리 섬에서의 레지던시를 통하여, 정말 많은것을 배우기도 하고, 또한 너무나 아름다운 자연경관에 매료되어 짧은 기간동안 정말 많은 작업과 또 작업구상을 하고 갑니다. 저에게 많은 것을 가르쳐 주신 알퐁소 선생님과 저를 가족같이 대하여 주신 선생님의 가족과 친구분 들에게도 많은 감사를 드립니다. 

   고은강 – 카나리 섬 전기동판 워크샵/레지던시에서, 2013년 8월

Eunkang Koh's etchings and watercolors

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