2015 - elmonodelatinta workshop. Madrid. Spain

Proceso tinta de grafito sf

Electro-etching course with Graphite ink resist.

Workshop elmonodelatinta. Madrid.

From 10th to 12th Abril 2015.


This electro-etching monograph course is focused on developing the versatile technique of graphite ink varnish (composed of oil and graphite, which does not emit unpleasant gases). The graphite, a material which is electrically conductive, with the use of electrolysis provides a lot of graphic resources intrinsic to this technique, which can not be obtained with traditional methods. This graphite varnish may be applied as hard ground for lines and as a soft ground for textures and tones. Also, its patterns and dilutions provide tonal areas that enrich the printing world.


History of electro-etching

- The discovery of galvanism and electrolysis

- Electrolysis in modern etching 

Basis of electrolysis and electro-etching

Principles of electrolysis and electro-etching

The electro-etching workshop

- How to set up an electro-etching unit from the beginning

- Preparing the electrolyte

- Voltage, amperage and bite times

• Electro-etching on copper plate

- Preparing and degreasing the plate

- Etching lines with graphite hard ground, etching lines and electrotint

- Soft ground with graphite ink

• Practice of passive electro-etching (without electricity) on zinc plates

• Safety rules

I am greatly surprised by the interest aroused by the last two calls of electro-etching courses in elmonodelatinta workshop. Expert artists in traditional printmaking from Galicia, Madrid, Murcia, Sevilla, Valladolid and Zaragoza attended this latter seminar. Thank you very much for your interest and effort for facing any annoyances and expenses.

It is the first workshop which artists began working the electro-etching process with graphite ink ground. It was an exciting experience for me where the printmakers were able to appreciate the advantages of this ground and its multiple graphic applications. The program was completed by etching a zinc plate with passive electro-etching process.

The development of this course encourages me to present future editions on further electro-etching processes that have not been publicly offered in other workshops, such as those which use the graphic resources of galvanizing: galvanised relief lines, galvanised tonal effects, mezzotint on a galvanised plate, between others.

Pictures from the workshop and etchings

Some opinions from the artists    

"It was a pleasure to hear you share all your knowledge, your kindness and your good mood. I really enjoyed it". Matilde Gómez.

"Thank you for your mastery, for your great job teaching, for your perseverance, your dedication and enthusiasm in spreading the electro-etching. These amazing and wonderful tools and techniques, user-friendly and toxic-free, still are, inexplicably little known. I hope you soon have a deserved universal recognition of your significant contribution to the art world ". Carlos Muñoz-Vargas.


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